How to calculate Realibility:

a) Use KR 20 and alpha crombach

Klik pautan berikut (CalculatingReliability)

b) Kaedah-kaedah lain

The most common form of reliability is retest reliability, which refers to the reproducibility of values of a variable when you measure the same subjects twice or more. Let’s get down to the detail of how we quantify it. The data below, and the figure, show an example of high reliability for measurement of weight, for 10 people weighed twice with a gap of two weeks between tests. I’ll use this example to explain the three important components of retest reliability: change in the meantypical error, and retest correlation. I’ll finish this page with two other measures of reliability: kappa coefficient and alpha reliability.

Test 1 Test 2
57.5 57.4
65.6 63.2
67.0 66.5
68.5 69.9
70.8 72.8
72.2 70.1
74.9 75.6
76.0 75.2
76.1 72.8
83.1 79.0

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